Link in wiki are broken

Hi, i think the forum is broken again… all links go straight to hte home page, making troubleshooting based on others posts incredibly difficult…

(see the URL and the content show)

Screenshot 2020-04-23 at 10.18.20 AM


Hi @kloose, I moved your post in a new topic since it was not related with the topic in which it was posted.

Can you also tell me from where did you arrive on this wiki URL ? Cause I don’t have the same myself.

@kloose I think this might have been a temporary hiccup, as it seems to work now. Could you try again, and let us know if you the behaviour is now what is expected. Thanks in advance.

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Hi guys, many links are broken actually. At weekend I will try to provide the list.

We are currently overhauling our wiki completely. This may result in some missing links and images. Please note we are aware of this and lots of fixing are coming your way. Feel free to share any links that are missing for you right now and we will make sure to adres them as well.

Thank you for your input!

Broken links found at: What you can do on the ThreeFold Grid today

Video links working.

Hi @athus

The wikis have been reviewed recently.

Please find the links here:

Quantum Safe Storage

Be aware though that we’re working towards a full review of the technology, and in that perspective, the info will be reviewed as well.
Starting point (still under construction) for now is

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