L2 Validator KryoVs Networks

We Would Love to become a Validator for the Threefold network as we currently are building our own Eco verse to layer on top of the TFT platform utilizing its network space and user capacity for our future projects. As the owner of KryoVs Networks I personally have built 4 TFT Farmers and own a round 1 Titan V2. We are also currently building a special farmer/miner for the network that will also work on our network to earn passive income in the future. This would help us get an even better understanding of the TFT platform for our development purposes as well as a little extra much needed startup capital.

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Hi @KryoVs_Networks! Sounds great, thank you of sharing! The validator verification process is underway now and we’re looking forward to hearing from you. Please take a look at the process here. :pray: