L2 Validator Application


Aernoud Jeroen Dekker


We support the Threefold project since many years trough investments, and initiating the availability of a L2 Validator node looks like a concrete way to further support the growth of the Threefold Network to further realise a more conscious, decentralised Internet for the people, by the people.


We plan to build a dedicated L2 Node and host it outside the TF Grid in a Tier 4 Data Centre in The Netherlands. However, we are open to discuss alternative locations when required/feasible. We reserve the right to initially launch the Validator Node on the TF Grid to get up and running more quickly.


Hi @aernoud, thank you for your ongoing support and participation! :pray: The validator verification process is underway now, please take a look at the verification process. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi Hanna,

Thanks. You will receive the requested email from a partner who will do the KYC process.

He will revert to the registration under my name.


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Great, thanks Aernoud!