L2 Validator Application VCC

Why: VCC has been a certified farmer on the TF Grid since January 2019 when TF started Grid v1. Our VCC Farm provides HPE Enterprise Server nodes located in our Vienna, Austria based Data Center.
VCC is a cooperative of currently 18 independent members, each with strong IT background and full dedication to the ThreeFold objectives and support of the ThreeFold Grid expansion.
We are an early supporter of the TF grid v3.
Location: Our Validator Node can be run on the TF Grid or as a seperate server within our datacenter in Vienna, 23rd district, providing redundant high-speed and secure access in Austria.


Cool! Can we find something about VCC?

Sure, here is a link to our VCC cooperative:
(the website needs an update, however).
If you want to become a member, just let me know (if you are based in Austria or neighborhood)


Hi @pkgraz2, thank you and the VCC for your ongoing support and participation! :pray: The validator verification process is underway now, please take a look at the process here. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you Hannah, we, the VCC cooperative, have just confirmed in our general meeting last Saturday to go on with the process for a validator node L0 immediately and start the Verification process.
We are also in the process to finalize our L2 Validator application.

I just have one question here:
The responsibility of a validator (owner) can be summarized to:

** Actively participating in the governance of the network the validator protects*

What does that mean in practice? What tools are available to activlely govern the network?
What do we need to do to meet this requirement?

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Hi Peter, that’s great to hear!

The active participation refers to fulfilling L2 validators’ responsibility of securing the ThreeFold HUB (our Layer 2 blockchain) and its features. You can find more information on what this includes here.

With regards to the other questions, I’m not the best person to answer. Maybe @AdnanF or @kristof can pitch in?