L2 Validator Application - Pieter Kalkman

Name: Pieter Anthonie Arie Kalkman


I have been following and supporting the Threefold movement for more than 2 years now, by closely keeping track of the progress of the project / movement, spreading the word and being a certified farmer. The reasons I support Threefold are many. I truly believe we need a better and more equal internet affordable and available to all people on this planet. We are on a threshold at the moment where fundamental changes in our world are set in motion, which the development of a new internet for the people and by the people is one of the leading factors. I would like to be part of this and help to make this possible for all the people on this planet.


The Validator Node will be hosted in The Netherlands, Rotterdam on/off the Threefold grid. But I am open to discuss other geological locations if this would benefit coverage of the grid and would reach more people in order for them to develop and empower themselves.


Awesome Danny, good luck to you! Do you run a data center? We are a few young people from Flanders looking to build some servers and would appreciate all input.

Hi @dannyboy, thanks for your support and participation! The validator verification process is underway now, please take a look at this post. We’re looking forward to hearing from you! :pray: