L2 Validator Application IT Experts Agency Inc

Name: IT Experts Agency Inc.

Why: My profession is I.T network support and administration. I am a strong believer in the decentralized
internet and I believe the ThreeFold project has the capability of bringing this dream to life.
I am running a DIY node for about over 5 months. I also believe that in the freedom of data access where the
world should have access to a decentralized internet without governments influences and wrongful controls.
I would be very happy to help with the amazing project in any way I possibly can.

Location: I would like to host a few Validator Nodes if possible they will be hosted in Canada, Turkey, and Pakistan.

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Hi @decryprt! Thank you for sharing about yourself and your why. The verification process is underway now, you can find the details in this post. Please reach out, we’re looking forward to hearing from you soon. :pray: