L2 Validator Application - ChuckNorris

-Name: Chuck Norris (using my threefold name if that’s ok)

  • Why i want to become a L2 validator:
    I think the development of web 3.0 and our future rights and freedoms of a decentralized computer and internet platform is critical for humanity. I currently run 1 threefold node currently with 2 more coming online by the time this is being read. I’ve been in crypto for 9 years and is my main passion in life. Please accept me into this L2 Validator position.
    -Where your validator will be hosted: Nebraska in United States. Either on TFGrid or not Whichever you prefer (Very Flexible)
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Hi there! The ThreeFold Validators Verification Process is underway now, please get in touch. :pray:

i didn’t understand the massive amount of TFT needed for L2. I’m continuing on with my L0 application