L2 Validator Application - Artichoke Computing GmbH

  • Our company name
    Artichoke Computing GmbH

  • why you want to become a L2 validator
    We believe in the utility and applications of the Threefold Grid and want to contribute to a people-owned Internet by helping to provide crucial and important capacity and drive adoption. As a certified Threefold Farming Partner we understand the duties and responsibilities that running an L2 Validator Node will involve.

  • where your validator will be hosted (on TFGrid or not, in which geographic location)
    As we understand that hosting the node off-TFGrid, this is what we want to do in one of our secure data-centers in Vienna. Also we are open to host the node on the TFGrid in the same data-center if preferred.


Hi @skydive, thank you for sharing! Just letting you know that the verification process is underway, you can find the details in this post. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon. :pray:

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