L0 Validators Application - Dany Sing - Germany

Who: Daniel Siegmund aka „Dany Sing“

Why: To participate in the ThreeFold movement as much as possible. Help to get the idea spread and the grid growing. Help to fix the internet! This is such a great opportunity!! Can’t wait to see where this is going.

We have built up a pretty solid farm and are about to rise up additional ones in different locations. Take a look at the first one: Let's share our farming setup. As a serious farmer I would highly appreciate to participate in the validator program.

Where: validator can be on/off grid. Located in Germany.


Hey @Dany, thanks for sharing and being such an active farmer! Please take a look at the validator verification process and get in touch when you can. Let’s get you verified :pray:

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Hey @hannahcordes, that sounds great. You’ll receive the mail by today. Thank you very much!


Perfect, thank you @Dany!