L0 Validator Node Application - Poland

I am Jerzy Jasiewicz from Poland. I am over 30, i have a wife, two sweet grils and third child on the way :). I am electrician and i have own company. I am crypto enthusiast since 2020.

Why i want to become a Validator:

I’m interested about cryptocurrencies since 2 years. Since that time I got to know different cryptocurrencies which most of them are - in my opinion - useless, are copy of other projects, have no value or are used to speculate. There are some projects which are good and i see potential there but it’s like a half of one procent or even less.
What i see here ? TFT Grid have potential, it’s huge. If we compare TFT Grid to lets say AWS or Google there is much work to do but i think it’s only matter of time (for example serwer’s replica if failour occure in a node) . But what TFT can give people is amazing - VMS, OwnCloud, Uhuru, websites and much more things in future - and that is the first point of strenght which i see clearly.

TFT support do great job, you have help me a lot, many times. I have never been alone with issues which comes over time at the begining. When i was setting up VM on my node i was almost hold by hand by your team to get trought this. I am realy suprised. It’s first time in cryptoworld when i see such a good projectteam’s work. That is second point of strenght.

That is the project which can realy help people, it have sens and posibilities to make our’s life better. I want to be a part of this.
For now i have 3 nodes and i’m planing make many more but i’ll see what future will bring.

I have my nodes in south-east of Poland. For now there is 0,5G/s fiber and it will be 1 or 2 G/s(or more) in next months.

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