L0 Validator Application: On Chain Solutions

Company: On Chain Solutions

My friend did the application in my stead due to a login bug that’s been fixed now. I hope we’re not too late. link of the Application: L0 Validator Application: On Chain Nodes

Why: We are truly impressed by 3Fold’s goal to offer a decentralised cloud solution away from the big players in the cloud market. As enthousiasts of block chain innovations and adaptations we’re always on the look out for on block chain alternatives to of chain suppliers.
Knowing that the organisation behind this groundbreaking project is located near the city we grew up and live in makes us even more proud and excited for this oppurtunity.

Where: multiple options:
A) On 1 of our own nodes on the TFgrid (hosted in a DC near Antwerp)
B) on a dedicated server hosted in Germany


Hi there, just letting you know that the verification process is underway! Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Please take a look at The ThreeFold Validators Verification Process.