L0 Validator application: Maxime Jansen

Maxime Jansen,
Why you want to become a L0 Validator: As a young adult I attach a lot of importance to the future of planet earth and our humanity. Threefold is a company with the goal to rebuild the way internet has worked up until now. By doing so they contribute immensely to making our planet a better and more eco-friendly place. This aspect of Threefold is what brought me here today, ready to believe, invest, and shape web 3.0. Being involved in a DAO will help me gain experience for my future, both life and career.

Where? either in Belgium, Keerbergen either in the Netherlands, Maastricht
I will need some help regarding the instalment of the L0 on the threefold grid.


Hi brother! Thank you for sharing your story, it’s great / inspiring to see your interest. Please note The ThreeFold Validators Verification Process is underway. Looking forward to hearing from you at your convenience. :pray:

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