L0 Validator application: Louis Sirico / FLUIDEFI in Montreal QC Canada

Type Title: L0 Validator Application
Name/entity: Louis Sirico / FLUIDEFI
Company name (if the validator will be on behalf of an organization): FLUIDEFI INC
why want to become an L0 validator:


  • are committed to financial inclusion for everyone;
  • believe in, and want to support, the ThreeFold vision, especially after spending the week on the Nile with the Kristof & the team;
  • are part of Ubuntu Tribe as well as a ThreeFold partner and are currently developing the GIFT token for launch in February 2022;
  • intend to build decentralized finance applications on ThreeFold that support financial inclusion as well as the ThreeFold and Ubuntu Tribe vision.

Our validator will be hosted on TFGrid - please let us know your preference (on or not)
In the geographic location of Montreal Canada.


Louis, thanks for the info and looking forward to getting you up-and-running! Please note The ThreeFold Validators Verification Process is underway.


Thank you @gosam! I’ll work on it this weekend.