L0 Validator Application - Koen / Belgium

Hi, my name is Koen Vingerhoets.
I’m following ThreeFold for quite some time, I was lucky enough to have met some of your people in real life when that was still possible.
Why a validator? I think it’s needed to provide support to a good cause, if possible. I’m also running two bitcoin nodes, to support the network. But ThreeFold is different, enterprise oriented and with a more ambitious goal. I happen to be quite active in the enterprise blockchain space and the fastest way to learn stuff, is by doing it. Hence I thought I could give it a go and see if I can add some value as a validator.
I’m located in Belgium, my farm is in my rack in my basement.


Hi Koen! Brilliant. Thank you for sharing a bit of background. Hopefully, sooner than later we will get together again. I’m writing to let you know that The ThreeFold Validators Verification Process. Would you mind taking a look at the slides and getting in touch? :pray: Talk soon.


Sure @gosam - sending you some dates now.