L0 Validator Application: Joris Vermeulen

  • full name(s): Joris (José) Vermeulen
  • I would like to become a validator because I have been a strong believer in the ThreeFold movement since very early days, and this is for the me yet another chance to contribute to the future of the internet and help to make the internet free again from the people for the people.
  • My validator will be hosted on the ThreeFold grid .

Cancelled my application


Hi brother, we’re ready for verifications! Please find the process here. Looking forward to hearing from you. :pray:

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Thanks for your follow up brother! I’ve sent an email to validators@threefold.io with time slots, if you need some more next week, let me know.

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Cancelled my application since I am a very strong ThreeFold believer I have vested all my tokens! And thus giving the opportunity to somebody else to become a validator! :heart: :green_heart: