L0 Validator application: Ilias - Belgium

Ilias Jansen
Since years I follow this project.
As a young boy with all my future ahead of me I want to partake in the creation of a new internet. Not only a new one, but also a cleaner, more ecological and more fair one.
The realization of this amazing project relies on us, the youth! The world Threefold aims and wants to create is one of hope and faith in the future, our future!
Also, new structures like DAO are intriguing to me, cause unknown but on the other hand I believe in it. By contributing to this project and owning a validator L0 I will learn a lot. Older, wiser people will be able to guide me. And this guidance will probably be my guarantee to fulfill my mission, even if I still have to define it.
Where? My validator will be hosted in Belgium, Keerbergen. Preferably on the TFGrid if I get mandatory assistance from Sacha ;).


Hey Ilias! Good to see you here! Heard that you would apply. Let me know how i can assist you in any way haha :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing, Ilias. Please take a look at The ThreeFold Validators Verification Process and get in touch when it’s best for you. :pray: