L0 Validator Application - HappySnacks

Who: HappySnacks (using forum name if that is ok)

Why:. Firm believer in the ThreeFold movement! I got introduced to Threefold from Nerian.
I would love to be apart of this movement, with it’s strong core beliefs and values; and would love to help fix the internet; I cant wait to see where this goes!

Where: It will be run on the TF grid from my home on a DIY server Central Coast Australia (Approximately 1 hour north of Sydney)

Have full 100k TFT ready too.


Hi @happysnacks, thank you for your interest! That’s great :fire: Please give the validator verification process a read and reach out to us. As we’re already oversubscribed for this batch of L0 validators, it’s important to start the verification process asap :pray:

What did you need from me now?

You can find all information in the verification process, please take a look. The next step would be to send an email to the team to schedule a verification call, including the details mentioned here.

Sorry i thought i already sent through the email for the verification call etc.
I will send it again…
Thanks :slight_smile:

Great! Someone from the team will get back to you asap :slightly_smiling_face:

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