L0 Validator Application - flow (omniflow)

  • your full name(s) / entity
    flow, Farm: omniflow, (full name i dont write in a public readable forum ;))
  • or company name:
    not registered theoretically organisation “omniflow”
  • why do you want to become an L0 validator
    im in love with this project since i found it in the beginning of 2019. i was building up 4 Nodes with a Rack within a month and made my cellar completely new. Since then i was planing to make more with TF. Learning c++,c# i do since years, and now everything around K8s. All my hobbys and also my work is around IT.
    In the future maybe i want to build up a small business around TF (Hosting, k8s, developing).

In short, i want to dive deep as possible into TF, i see my future in TF, cause i think TF is the future. and to be honest its nice to get payed out by doing stuff i like.

  • where your validator will be hosted:
    Located near Vienna in loweraustria, exactly the beautiful City called “Klosterneburg”
    off-grid would be the first choice but on-grid is also possible

Hi Flow, wanted to thank you for your ongoing support and your interest, and the context you provided. here. Note the The ThreeFold Validators Verification Process is underway. Please get in touch at your convenience! :pray:


Threefold is OUR FUTURE! and we are BUILDING it together. :globe_with_meridians::computer::deciduous_tree:
aho @flowmotion !


Hi Sam,

i wrote an email about that, i hope you got it. Thanks again for reaching me out via email.
unfortunately my threefold wallet still doesn’t work on my mobile…

to you know a different way to transfer one token to your written wallet?

i hope its not to late :frowning:

Thanks alot!

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Hi Flow, all good you’re not too late. I will find your email and get back to you! But we should figure out why your ThreeFold Connect wallet doesn’t work …

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im in contact with Ashish and Mahendra via support chat. lets see maybe its a dev team thing?

HEy sam,

i have sent 1 tft to the wallet now :wink: