L0 Validator Application - Fat Cat Ventures

Company name:

Fat Cat Ventures

Why you want to become a L0 validator:

We have been in the crypto space for a number of years and started
mining BTC, LTC and other scrypt based coins early on.

We recently discovered ThreeFold via Subsquid. We run indexer infra
for them. We’re also in the process of setting up a fleet of polkadot
parachain validators.

We have received our first 3node a couple of days ago and would like to
be more involved with the project to further the goal of a decentralized

Where your validator will be hosted:

Datacenter in Switzerland, Germany, Finland or UAE

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Hi @fatcatventures! Thank you for sharing a bit of your background, sounds great :fire: We’re nearly through with this batch of L0 validators. Please take a look at the validators verification process and reach out to us, so we can get you verified. Looking forward to hearing from you :pray:

Thanks Hannah. Done!

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