L0 Validator Application - ChuckNorris

-Full Name: Chuck Norris (using my threefold name if that’s ok)
-Why you want to become a L0 validator: I think the decentralization of the internet and cloud compute/storage is the future and more importantly for the people by the people. I’ve been in crypto for 9 years and technology all my life. These kinds of things are my main passion and will do anything to support this technology and company.
-Where your validator will be hosted: Nebraska in United States either on TFGrid or not. Completely up to you i’m flexible.


Chuck? Is that you? :slight_smile:


Love to hear your story. Please take a look at The ThreeFold Validators Verification Process and shoot us a note when you can so we can get you verified.

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sorry about the delayed response. i was looking for emails regarding this. I only see notifications here in the forum. I submitted an email to validators@threefold.io with dates and times. Please let me know how to proceed further with L0


Dear Chuck!
An email has been sent to you for a verification call on Thursday :slight_smile:

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Received your follow up @chucknorris :pray:


I’m ready for a voice/video call whenever really. i have some questions i can’t find anywhere.


Dear Chuck!

There is a call schedule with you&me now, please see your email for the KYC process from Sam :wink:
I am still around for a few more minutes if you see this now.
Otherwise we can reschedule.
Either way, your questions you can also kindly let us know here in the Forum.

Looking forward to connect.

Best wishes,

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