Kubernetes on ThreeFold mini video series

I created a mini video series about using Kubernetes on the ThreeFold grid. Suited mainly for beginners looking to deploy their first workload on the Grid using Kubernetes. This is the first time I’ve done something like this, so any comments positive or negative are welcome.

Kubernetes on ThreeFold 1 Playground, initial setup & Dashboard

Kubernetes on ThreeFold 2 Deployment of nginx

Kubernetes on ThreeFold 3 Replication & Distribution on Multiple Nodes


Excellent work and subscribed.

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Wow that’s amazing @jakubprogramming

Great videos.

I am very curious, what do you use to record and edit the whole thing?
The quality is very good.

Love it🤓 Very informativ and useful👍

Screen recording: QuickTime player on MacOS (preinstalled).
Video editing and voice recording: DaVinci Resolve (free).

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