KryoVs Networks

A newly elected validator and long time a TFT follower and farmer. As CEO with a long history of tech industry and real world implementation experience. We will soon start work on a new Dapp being hosted right here in the TFT platform. We will be starting our venture with a very useful app and wallet. Followed behind this we will be working 2 different project an nft mmorpg style evolving game that will take you far away yet you will be right at home. While we dev on the gaming system our current and future partnerships are all strategically placed for each phase of our seeding and early FFF phase. Currently we are raising fund to add a couple of coders and creators and network engineers to our team. With funding we game take the train down the tracks. Lets fire 'er up and see what this baby can do. Our Third and biggest project will connect remote parts of the world with web3, global information, and a modernized economy for the first time ever. This new infastructure using current blockchain technology helps create a new system of communication follow us as we keep you updated on current news and upcoming token release…a grant would help catapult us and you into the future of the KryoVs.

KryoVs Networks

KryoVs Networks