June 2022 Validator update

Validator FAQ & Update 20 June 2022

Engineering Status (L2 Validators = TF Hub)

The code around ThreeFold Hub has been completed for a while now, but we are still in validation mode. Our rockstar devs Rob and Lee need to take some time to do the review and additional testing. This is a key component, so it’s crucial to ensure everything is working properly.

Deployment Status (L2 Validators = TF Hub)

Right now, only tech-savvy people can deploy a blockchain node. It’s not that difficult, but will be overwhelming for most people without technical skills.

Therefore, we are working on a tool which will be integrated into the ThreeFold Connect app.

The process is planned to be as follows:

  • You buy/build a 3Node (see minimum specs below), and install it home
  • You deploy your 3Node using your TF Connect app (create farm, boot node in it)
  • You can now reserve your 3Node for your own usage (it becomes a dedicated node): NEW
  • On each reserved personal node you can install the following (using TF Connect = easy): NEW
    • ThreeFold Hub Validator (and later other blockchain nodes as well, e.g. Uhuru Validator, …)
    • Presearch Blockchain Node (become part of the decentralized search engine)
    • Digital Twin (summer), host the digital life for your friends
  • Once the TF Hub Validator is installed, you can transfer your TFT to it to activate your TF Hub Validator & to protect the ThreeFold Hub Blockchain.

This tool will allow everyone to do it and we get optimal security and scale. Additionally, this process can be used for many other types of blockchains and blockchain workloads in future.

While we do realize that this extra deployment tool costs time and there is delay because of it, we believe this is for the better.

Any technical person who wants to deploy now can do so using our technical procedure. We will release this asap for everyone who is ready to get a bit more technical.

Please note that we are looking for someone to make a manual for this. If you’re interested in supporting us, leave a comment below.

Engineering Status (L0 Validators = TF Executors)

The TF Executors have been planned for the end of 2022, but we just realized that the deployment date as mentioned on the forum and in other documentation was not correct. It’s not a deployment date but a registration date on the TF Hub Chain.

Once the TF Hub Chain is active as mentioned above, anyone can register their L0 Validator on the TF Hub Chain and the rewards (yield) will be given. This requires the deployment of at least 10 nodes before we go. The rewards will be calculated from April 1 on, so there won’t be a loss in rewards in case of potential delays.

More Info

Info is on https://library.threefold.me/info/threefold#/decentralization/validators/validators


Why was it necessary to have tokens reserved so early on, particularly for L0, since deployment won’t happen for some time?

We were hoping to have our chain up faster, but some unexpected work came up in relation to our TF Grid which needed priority. We will backdate the rewards, so this delay won’t be affecting your rewards.

What are the minimum hardware requirements for an L2 or L0 Validator?

  • 1TB of SSD Storage (good quality SSD)
  • 32 GB of RAM
  • 8 vCPU cores

I expressed interest but I have not yet had my verification / I am unsure of my current standing.

Not a problem! Please get in touch with Sam directly at sam@threefold.io or @samtaggart on Telegram and he will get this resolved for you.


I’d be willing to create the manual if I have the basic description of what needs to be done.

I’ve got plenty of experience with tinkering on Linux so I’m confident it should be fine.

Edit: note this is for the L0, since I’m a L0 validator myself. Unless that one requires no such thing, in which case, great!


Hi @Sacha ,

Just one question regarding “minimum hardware requirements for a L2 or L0 Validator”.
On this post the minimum storage requirement is 1 TB SSD.

In this Threefold Library Validator FAQ it’s stated the minimum required storage for a validator is 4 TB SSD.

What is the correct spec for Validators ?

I have requested to be a L0 Validator but have not heard of TF yet. Reading from your post, does that mean one can apply or do delegated staking for L2 or L0 Validator in the Threefold Connect App in the future (Dec 2022 ?).

Thanks in Advance!


(Edit proper username; typo; proper quote)

Does this mean we’ll need to deploy 10 nodes as requirement for L0 Validator?

The 1tb ssd requirement was published after the 4th one, so I’m leaning towards 1.

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Hey @animalfarm

No…I don’t think so!

The TF Hub chain (built from L2 Validators) will need at least 10x L2 validator nodes to be deployed before L0 Validators can be registered on the TF Hub Chain.

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Correct. L0 validators only need to deploy a single node.

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