Jumpscale SDK early adopters

Hello everyone,

This conversation will mostly be for people that will have the jumpscale SDK for a spin.
Please share your experiences and potential issues and let’s explore the full impact of this new experience.

We launch the SDK in the first half of April 2020 and have a lot of people on standby to start using it and take it forward.


Hi Weynand, I tried to download the SDK from here https://sdk.threefold.io/intro/intro.html but unfortunately, the embedded links are broken and don’t work.

Hi Peter,

Yes and apologise for the inconvenience. We have gone through some changes in how the SDK is to be installed, a simpler and better solution but have failed to update the docs. I will make sure everything is in place in the next couple of hours and will give you a personal heads up (here) when done.

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Hi Wim, bear with us for al little. In the middle of updating the documents after we have made major improvement to the installation for the SDK. A you saw in yesterday’s demo we now have a installer app that make live a lot easier (takes care on required dependencies etc.) Latest by end of play today there will be updated documents for this.


After a few 404’s i found https://sdk.threefold.io/gettingstarted/sdk_linux.html

Hi Andy, content is renewed. We had lost of request to create a more robust, less techie installation method. So we have come up with an installer package which has most of the pre-requisites installed. The page is now available, expect some updates and refinements in the next 24 hours.

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Thank you Weynand
Nice to hear from you

I am so pleased to see the progress well done these are the bits i have been waiting tor . My farms have been on V2 since 31st march I will play now. keep going the world needs sanity right now

kind regards Andy

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