January 2022 Farming Reward Update

Dear Farmers,
Minting for nodes on Grid V2 is in the signature process today and TFT should land in your wallets pretty soon.
For all nodes on Grid v3 minting has a short delay - sorry for this. Our Grid guardians need more time to verify as we want to make sure all goes well for farmers who upgraded to Grid v3.

We will keep you posted on when January 2022 V3 minting is actually done.

All the best,



Hi Andreas,
I moved my servers to V3 on the 24th of January, but I have not received any tokens from the V2 period yet, I did receive a very small amount last night for each server (I guess) but without any info on how it was calculated.
Would it be possible to have a brief explanation on what to expect as farming rewards from the servers in V3 and if V2 rewards are lost if you move to V3 (because in that case it was not a good move to upgrade in January…)


Hi Erwin,
Thanks a lot for migrating your nodes to V3 mainnet.
V2 rewards are of course not lost. They are based on true uptime on V2 for January. So for example if your nodes have been online for 30% of the month they get paid 30% of the monthly rewards.
January minting for nodes on V3 mainnet and V3 testnet is still in the works.
We hope to be able to post more info tomorrow.
Hope that helps,


i can,t see any reward on my twin in v3

For now, the reward is still sent to the Stellar address that needs to be specified in the farm. Please have a look at that address. The address next ro your twin is on another blockchain.

Hello @gmtzb. As @Geert said the rewards are minted on the Stellar Network, not on the Polkadot network (yet). There is a bridge which allows you to move TFT’s between the two. You should. Anyway this might be too much information and confuse you more than it helps you.

Here’s what you do: go to http://portal.grid.tf. The portal should be able to access your polkadot key(s) and present you with the available accounts. Select the account you have created you farm in.


If you clock on twin in the right hand side bar, you should see what you see :arrow_up:. The address is you stellar wallet address you have provided to the farm. This is where your reward has been sent to after being minted at the end of the proof of capacity period.

You can look up the balance here. Top left of the page is the search box - if you paste the wallet address there you will see you balance.

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yes, i can see there the amount i transfered to test the stellar wallet , but no the rewards.

Can you share your farmname? Is your server listed in the explorer? What network did you select to farm for (mainnet, testnet, devnet?)

farm id 132 protestimes

sorry , farm id 131 ,proutestimes ,and is listed in the explorer ,.

Hi. I can find in the explorer / blockchain the following information:

ID: 437
Farm ID: 131

Can you please check if that is the correct address? If I look the address up in the stellar explorer it does not know this address. Here’s a link that does that lookup

Please verify your wallet address and if incorrect, please correct in the portal.

i changed the wallet address , seems that the older didn’t work. it’s possible to send again the rewards? to the new one

Hi @gmtzb. Thank you for checking. Please make sure the new address exists and is able to receive TFT’s. IF you share the address I can send you a test token.

For last months tokens I have to check. Not sure what happens with them if there is a false / not working wallet address.

hi, weynandkuijpers the new

this is the wallet address , from the App threefold connect as Stellar payout address

well, i tested the address and seems to work .i need to know if i can recover the rewards , or if they are acumulated , where are and the total amount.

We do not store or accumulate tokens at minting time when the address is faulty and not able to receive the tokens. We simply don;t mint tokens that cannot be sent to the listed wallet address. This would make us centralized and we do not want that. So unfortunately they cannot be recovered.

However, please realize that you can have you server online for more than the 60 months so you are are to recover the missed tokens at the end of the period. Or, you wipe the disks in your DIY server and resubmit the 3nodes to the grid now - that will give you the full 60 months at the USD0.08 listing price. if you don’t, the 3node will relist itself at the end of the 60 months at the current average TFT price at that point in time (which is very likely to be higher than 8 cents).


today I received the rewards !! all is ok
thanks .


:+1: Thank you for letting us know!

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