January 11th 3Node Team Update: V3 Migration & Shipping Updates

Hello farmers –

We’ve got some important info for you today!

Grid 2 to Grid 3 Migration

Since the launch of TF Grid version 3 on mainnet, we’ve been starting to move the bigger farmers over. You can see updated capacity stats below. Note if you’d like to take a look at the TF Grid 3 explorer, you can find it here.

Any DIY Farmer can now begin to move over to TF Grid 3 Mainnet with the help of our manual. If you’re having any trouble, please get in touch with live chat via threefold.io or ask here on the forum. Note that if you are already farming on Grid 2, you will need to register a new farm for Grid 3.

For Titan owners only, we will share a process for you when the time is right. Please note there is nothing to worry about in terms of farming rewards as related to Farming v3, you will get your rewards based on the TFT price on the date you ordered your Titan.

Also relevant, Scott’s latest post on Grid 3 Migration News.

Shipping Update

North America has started to ship another batch of 140+ Titans! And for the rest of the world (outside of Europe), last preparations are being made before your Titans go out this week. As for Europe, the next shipment is to be arranged around the end of January or the beginning of February. This would include orders placed in December or later, and anyone who gets back to us with missing info from earlier orders.

Have a great week!

The 3Node Team

By the way, you can find past updates here in the Certified Farming category.


everyday so much progress… wow… love it!! and 140+ Titants… woohooo that is super exciting… :desktop_computer:

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