Is it worth adding more SSD

Hi all and once again thanks for all the great advice given on these pages. My next question is regarding the amount of ssd I should utilise. I currently have 1TB fitted. According to the calculator adding another 2TB would increase earning massively. However when I look at my resource units reserved for SRU it quotes 107.37GB/1TB. Does this mean I’m currently only using 107.37 GB and therefore at this stage it would be pointless adding more SSD. Thank you. image

Hi @gazgits

If you want to maximize TFT rewards, you need 50 GB of SSD per CU.

Above this ration (more than 50 GB of SSD per CU) you won’t have the same benefits.

For example a 256GB ram, 32 vcores has the best reward benefits with 3200 GB of SSD.
Since it’s 63.75 CU.

Putting more than 3200 GB of SSD in there will not benefit as much as you would from upgrading 1000 GB to 3200 GB.

What is your 3node specs if I may ask?

Continuing the example,

Here you have 24 vcores and 270 GB of ram, this is 48 CU (compute units).
So you would need:
48 * 50 GB = 2400 GB of SSD"

So upgrading from 1 TB to 2.4 TB of SSD would be highly beneficial for your 3node (and for the Grid).

I’m currently running 24 threads with 256 gb of memory. So if I add an extra 2GB of SSD then I will benefit from the increase straight away. Thank you.

That’s great. I’ll give you more info just for fun:

So you will go from 650 TFT per month to 1590 TFT per month with a +2TB SSD upgrade.

Know that the optimal would be to have 32 vcores instead of 24 vcores, and have 3.2 TB SSD.

This would give you 2072 TFT per month.

I tell you this now so you can act accordingly if you want to upgrade from 24 vcores to 32 vcores someday.

3TB SSD instead of 3.2Tb, with 256gb ram and 32 vcores would be 1950 TFT per month.

Hope that helps!

Thank you. Is that a maximum i will earn or a definite?

It’s based on the simulator. It can change slightly in reality. but it’s pretty accurate.

That’s great news. So excited about this project and it’s future. Thanks again.