Invitation for IEO Strategy and Tactics discussion

Would you like to help us to define and agree on the IEO strategy and tactics.
We are following a plan but we want your input and some decisions need to be taken soon.

Must read information before you ask to join

  • Please read our short ThreeFold Manifesto, its important to us.
  • Please read our ThreeFold Collaboration rules, these rules are important to us. Any content created, collaboration done, even chats will be matched against our collaboration rules. We will remove any content which does not apply.

to get access

Go to and click on the request button.
We will check that your profile has been filled in. Make sure there is something about you on that profile: who are you, photo, why do you like threefold, …
Please use a meaningful login name.

if you need help use our chat on our website

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