Internet Radio Streaming

Hi to all,

I plan to run an internet radio over Threefold.
I wonder how to do it and also what would be the legal issues.
It’ll be an extreme metal radio.
I already have one over the standard net, i run it with myradiomatisme to create the stream and listen2myradio website to deliver the stream to all listeners.
I wonder how i could do the same over threefold : for technical stuff and also legal issues.
It could be live made by my computer, or with a online server.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


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Hi Albat, for your radio channel to run on the ThreeFold Grid the hosting service would have to run on the Grid (for as far as I can tell). This means Listen2Myradio would have to run their service on the ThreeFold Grid which is not the case (yet).

Hope this helps.

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