Installation Zero-OS stop at "Attached SCSI removable disk"

Hi! I’m curious about Threefold so I created a bot and a farm. Now I’m trying to install Zero-OS on my intel nuc core i5 with the first “uefiusb-prod” file i went to look for on the Zero-OS Bootstrap site. I boot the USB stick on the nuc, the installation starts, I see my farm ID, it seems to download an image of Zero-Os, does several steps, then stops at “Attached SCSI removable disk”. I don’t understand. Could this be a problem with the USB stick, a hardware problem with the nuc or a problem with the image? I have tried with two different USB sticks.

My nuc is new. I have installed 64 gigs of RAM and a new Western digital 1 Terabyte SSD in it. Here is the image where the script stopped.