Initial setup guide needed, to verify setup is correct

I have a threefold farmer, I just got it last week. The 2.1 Titan is what I ordered and a different-looking device came in. What came in was an Intel NUC with a small jump drive-looking thing stuck in the rear USB slot. I plugged it in and verified it was online. It has been on for 4 days 12 hours and I need to know if it is set up correctly. Also, how long can we expect to see rewards? All of the metrics on the Threefold explorer website show “0” (screenshot included) My farm is firegoal. Can someone tell me if I am doing something wrong?Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 7.02.59 AM

Hi aaguinn,

This setup looks very well: you see the amount of mru, cru and sru connected. And you see a status ‘up’. So all is well set up, congratulations !
About usage: please don’t expect this to happen quickly as long as you are connected to TFGrid2. There are ways to use the capacity but it’s quite technical and requires people to explicitly select your capacity for their workloads.
TFGrid3 is now running on testnet and it will be way easier to have your infrastructure connected. As you see on the TFGrid3 Explorer there are 1900 contracts deployed, meaning 1900 deployments made on an infrastructure that is way smaller than the tfgrid2 one.
There are plans to migrate tfgrid2 to tfgrid3 and the launch of the tfgrid3 mainnet is in the pipe.
If you don’t want to wait and want to already connect your capacity to tfgrid3, please read the Manual.