Incorrect twin ID


I just started up my 2nd farm. And it shows up its running, all is good. But then I noticed the twin ID doesn’t matches up with the twin ID from my account nor from my other farm. My twin ID under Polka main account starts with 5xxx, but the one listed on the new farm starts with 7xxx. Both show up in my TF dashboard. Both have the same linked twin starting with the 5xxx. But the information on the explorer is totally different from what I have setup in the dashboard. ID, account ID and IP address is incorrect. Does this information update itself or is something wrong here and I might have to do a complete new farm ID and do a re-install? At least the payout address is correct!
Also, the new farm doesn’t have a serial number like the older one. Will that be created and updated later on?

Thank you in advance for your support!



PS: Now I realize that the twin ID of my other farm is also incorrect on the explorer. Very sub-tile change. The last 2 digits are reversed, the account ID and address are incorrect. This is all very confusing. Both farms have different twin ID then my main account.

Hello @jefke1! The only way you can correct the Twin ID would be to delete the Polkadot and re-import the farm using the HEX seedphrase from the TF Connect app. This should help you better Threefold Farming Guide Part 2

Thank you for your reply.

Follow up question(s). How is it possible that it changed on me or is this normal? My first farm, which was created with my main (and only) Polkadot account, with the first twin ID I set up. Has now a different twin ID. I didn’t change that. Between my main account, farm 1 and farm 2, I have 3 different twin IDs displayed in the explorer.
When I am in my dashboard, under your farms, the linked twin ID is for all correct and matches the main account twin ID. But under your farm node tab, both farms have an incorrect/different one. Those ID’s under the node tab are also the ones on the explorer.
Why is there the need for all these different ID’s. Its very confusing and in my opinion unnecessary.
Have 1 main account ID, and 1 for each farm, nothing more!
Thanks for the support!



This is a possibility when you actually create a new farm instead of importing it.

I can understand that this is a possibility when you create a new farm. But why is my first one different too. Is there a difference between farm linked twin ID and farm node twin ID?

Farms get associated with a twin, but each node also has its own twin.

I see. So, that’s were my confusion is coming from. So, my farms are linked to my main polka account with its twin ID. Then each farm node has its own twin ID, node ID and farm ID. Like I said before, very confusing and all those different ID’s unnecessary.
Thank you for clearing that up.

You are most welcome!