Incompatibility list

In an attempt to make an easy to access resource, if anyone encounters any hardware that has trouble or is incompatible with ZOS post it here an I will edit the OP as we go. A couple to start,

Samsung SSDs when installed behind a raid controller may behave unexpectedly

Any device that requires a driver install under Linux. Found this out the hard way with an io-scale nvme drive

Intel QAT cards do some extremely strange things in a box running zos. (there’s a whole story behind that)

Broadwell network cards, I have found so far that if you lookup the openwrt compatability it seems to be pretty close to zos nic wise.

Integrated nics in r710/r910 (can anyone speak to the 610?)

2.5 Gigabit LAN Dragon RTL8125BG (Need to investigate other Realtek nics)

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The integrated NIC on R710 and R910.

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For the black list:

2.5 Gigabit LAN Dragon RTL8125BG