INCA1: Supernode Farming + Social & Office Apps Launch in Brazil

INP1: Brazil Farming + Development Grant

  • Size INCA proposal = 2.5m USD
  • Return 35.000.000 TFT over 60 months, 6 months standstill
  • Deadline: Q1 2022
  • Investor Type: Accredited Investors Only, min 50k USD per investor
  • Supported Currencies: USD, BTC, USDT
  • Issuer: ThreeFold DMCC (Dubai Financial Center)
  • Underwriter: ThreeFold Foundation (guarantees TFT delivery in case Issuer would not deliver)
  • Target
    • deployment of 10 Super Nodes in Brazil
    • deployment of +100 Edge Nodes in Brazil
    • launch of Uhuru app (alternative to facebook, whatsapp, gdocs, zoom) on TFGrid for Brazil
    • launch of Ootopia and Sikana on TFGrid
  • Contract: coming in week 2 Jan 2022

ThreeFold Ecosystem Impact Assesment

Brazil Deployment

  • Capacity Deployed
    • +XXX CU
    • +YYY SU
    • +5 gbit/sec internet capacity
    • +2000 IP Addresses available
  • Revenue Potential of grid in Brazil: +10m USD (to be verified)
  • People impact: +100.000 people
  • First selected locations
    • São Paulo (2 supernodes, 20 edge nodes)
    • Rio de Janeiro (2 supernodes, 20 edge nodes)
    • Salvador (2 supernodes, 20 edge nodes)
    • Manaus (2 supernodes, 20 edge nodes)

launch of Uhuru app

  • full blown alternative for facebook, whatsapp, gdocs, zoom
  • localization for Brazil (language)
  • make available to local channel
  • offering to education institutes

launch of Ootopia and Sikana on TFGrid

  • +4 Billion educational sessions on Sikana
  • deployed in Brazil, as part of default capacity on supernodes
  • allows +100 Million more views
  • has huge impact on TFGrid utilization

Dears Kristof, Sacha, Florian or anyone available, what is the latest update on this proposal ? thanks in advance =)

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It’s been a while I have heard something about the INCA token. How is it going with INCA and TFH?