Improving idea's for the pricing on the play grid

I have been playing around on the play grid and found some practical things regarding pricing which could be improved on the grid. When you want to deploy something on the grid, it is not clear how much this will cost. When i deployed something on the grid i see what the costs wil be per hour, but this is only visible after deployement. In addition, it is now completely unclear to me how these costs are built up, I can’t check whether the costs are correct, this is not verry transparent in my opinion. Als I see that I pay 0.15 tft/hour for a prenode, while another person pays 0.12 tft/hour, how is this possible?
In addition, it is unclear when the payment of tft will take place, how much you have already paid for a deployment and in how many hours you will run out of TFT in your wallet. For example, I have been running a presearch node for a day, but the number of TFT in my wallet has not changed.

Below I briefly described some ideas how this could be improved.

  • IIt will be useful to have a price overview on the play grid itself. An overview how much 1 core, ram etc costs. Also how the discounts work. How the amount of tft is calculated, is this based on the current usd/tft price and will this change when price change?
  • A calculator on the grid to determine how much a deployment will cost. This allows you to determine how many cores, ram etc you want to rent before you deploy something on the grid. Now it’s a bit of testing, but this should go much easier.
  • A separate tab containing an overview of all ongoing costs of everything deployed on the grid. So that, for example, you can see an overview of all costs every month, basically like on an invoice. This should also includes the discount if you hold more than an x ​​number of TFT.

What do you think about this? Or are some of these things already on the play grid but couldn’t I find it?


You are completely right.

Hi @liqearce. The cost elements are listed and described ik the wiki here. The price calculation is relatively straightforward. Number of used CU (combination of vCores and memory) and number of SU (GB reserved). This is the base per hour price. On top of this there are extras and consumables: IP addresses, domain names and network usage.

I understand that upfront knowledge of what you are about to deploy is better than after the deployment. Today there are some tools that allow you to estimate, but I agree that upfront information is better than post-deployment.

for the “” we can probably do this, terraform deployments might be a little bit more difficult.

Good news! The dev team is bringing a pricing calculator both to the dashboard and the playground.

As for why one Presearch deployment would cost more than another, the only variable I can think of is whether a public IP is reserved. This was previously requires but no longer is for the first deployment to each farm.

Billing should happen hourly. If the TFT balance doesn’t appear to update, this could be an issue with your balance refreshing in the playground interface. I’ve heard this reported by Firefox users, while Chrome based browsers seem more reliable.


You can use the calculator on

Made by a community member.

This one is not working I think Teis had a stroke the first word of the url :joy: click the top left header for the pricing calculator

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Sorry @ParkerS just send the right one: