Import Farm from TF Connect App to TF Portal (and vice versa)

Hi TFarmers!

Here is a guide to move a TF Farm between TF Connect App and TF Portal:

  1. The first part is to go from TF App to TF Portal.

  2. The second part is to go from TF Portal to TF App.

1. Import Farm from the TF app to the TF Portal (polkadot.js)

If you want to move your farm from the Threefold Connect App to the (polkadot.js), follow these steps. Note that you cannot, for now, move your farm from the Portal to the Threefold Connect App.

First, you want to find the TF Chain Secret, this is, in short, a hex version of the private key. To find the secret, head over to the Farmer migration (via the TF Menu).

In the Farming migration section, click on the arrow (in green here) of the farm you want to export on the Threefold Portal.


Then, click on the arrow (in green) to see your TF Chain Secret.


Click on the button to copy the Secret. The App will show a confirmation message.


Now head over to the browser with your polkadot.js extension.

On your browser, click on the extension button (in green).


Select the polkadot{.js} extension.


Click on the plus button as shown in green.


Choose the option Import account from pre-existing seed .


In the box EXISTING 12 OR 24-WORD MNEMONIC SEED , paste the TF Chain Secret. Note that this Secret is a HEX version of your seed phrase.


Choose a name for your account. Choose a password.


When you go on the Threefold Portal, you will now see your newly added account. Click on it.


In the Farm section, you can now see your farm. You have successfully move the farm from the Threefold Connect App to the Threefold Portal.


You can see here that the farming reward address is the same as before.


That’s it! You have successfully move the farm from the Threefold Connect App to the Threefold Portal.

2. Import TF Portal (polkadot.js) wallet to the TF Connect App Wallet

Now that we’ve seen how to go from the TF Connect App to the Threefold Portal (Polkadot.js), we will now show how to go the other way around. This method is very simple. You will need your Polkadot.js seed phrase handy.

Go in the Wallet section of the Threefold Connect App and click on import at the bottom right (in green).


Then simply name your wallet and enter the Polkadot.js seed phrase.


Then in the Wallet section, you will now see the wallet.


If you have questions, the TF Community will be happy to help!

Happy Farming!