Ideal or profit?

I ran into Threefold while reading about (while thinking, experiencing and discussing) how to setup another society. Much is involved in this. How do we handle our food production, our energy supply and our terrible money-system for instance. Part of this was the wish for a decentralised internet which doesn’t depend on both big data companies and telecom providers. This last part i see threefold is working on.

So, i came here out of an idealistic view. Truth be told, i was thinking of purchasing a 3node when I read it could pay itself back with crypto/tft.

However, while reading around it’s almost like farming TFT and making huge profits has become the goal of these nodes, which is against the Idea of a much fairer money-system that is not based on profit, debt and interest anymore.

In fact; i believe cryptocurrency could have been much more successful if people would pay with it, rather than trade.

How does the TF team see this? Or is the greediness (by lack of better word) by some of the farmers a necessity to achieve the ultimate goal?

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Hi @roest

Thanks for your feedback here.

A good start to get into Threefold’s philosophy is the litepaper:
This document clearly shows the potential of Threefold, and it goes beyond the profits of money.

I would dare to think that most of the farmers running 3nodes are there first because they think the project is amazing and has real-world applications that can help in building “another society” as you put it.

Ideally, for a project like this to thrive, you need economical incentives to go along the noble ethos of the project. If people would lose money farming 3nodes, even with the best of intentions, few would actually do it.

The best of both worlds is having a project that is economically sound while being for the greater good of the whole community.

As of now, Big Tech and big datacenter are providing Internet resources to the population, but the profits are going in the pockets of a few Big Investors.

With Threefold, we can provide Internet resources while giving back the profits to the population, since anyone can host a 3node and benefit from TFT farming rewards.

The current use of modern technology is creating enormous wealth in our world, but most of this wealth goes into the pockets of a few rich investors. What if this wealth could go to the people?

So I would say: both --> ideal + profit = Threefold.


@Mik Great response, and now that I read it, it doesn’t surprise me. Thanks to the team for this effort.

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You guys are getting huge profits? I’m in the red tens and tens of thousands.

I can only speak for myself. I like the idea of a decentralized internet. But I also need the incentive to help build this out.

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I think everyone that’s here likely is here for the project or atleast a balance of project/profit. I think of the mining rewards more as a bonus to helping improve things for the world then the primary draw

Love the concept and idea of the project, but I’m not and can’t afford to dedicate thousands upon thousands of dollars of enterprise hardware out of my altruistic nature. Which I do have. I just like to eat. And put fuel in my car. Both of which have become much more challenging in the states lately. Let alone add more capacity to the network.

It’s both (and one more). We have been debating this topic quite a bit and what is comes down to is that we as a group would like to follow the following benefit stack: Planet, People and then profit. There are a lot of documents and material out there that speak about these topics, but in a nutshell:

  • PLANET: the current internet come with massive energy consumption and most effort is put into running more and more of this (centralized) infrasrtucture (compute, storage and network) on green power. In my birth country massive (future) meta datacenters take out all of the green energy produced in a certain parto of the (small) country and is no longer available for households and other businesses. This is not the way to green the internet, some fundamental innovation needs to happen to bring the energy consumption down. Decentraliased, efficient OS’s that process and store data local to communities is the way to go.
  • PEOPLE: the internet might be mankinds greatest invention, but it is only available to a happy few. It needs to be (affordable) for all mankind and therefore it needs to become simpler, less reliant on people operating an maintaining it and certainly lower consumption of hardware and energy.
  • PROFIT: since this needs to be carried by people for people (and not a handful of stock owners in the company doing it) there needs to be a profitable element for anyone partaking in building out this decentralized, community based fabric that creates data processing and storage capabilities everywhere.

So - Planet, People, Profit, both items in the title of this thread, in this order.

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This is a brilliant and clear reply. I’m definitely going to use this view to ventilate further. Thank you @weynandkuijpers

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I love this assessment I think it’s very to make the assumption that a focus on profit is a greed motivation, but the reality is we have to always have a focus on profit aswell because without it the projects ability to sustain and continue to do more for everyone isn’t viable

Profitability is needed, it’s just not the first priority in this project. Thank you for supporting the project.

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