I tried OpenStack on Threefold

Hello a few days ago i found Openstack as i was searching for information’s about terraform, ansible, cloud-init and more. Big players like Activision Blizzard are using it for their server infrastructure

Its quite interesting and I thought about using it in threefold. But as i tried it out i explored some big problems using it with threefold.

  1. It seems made to work with mainly hardware servers on which openstack is installed, many servers with many openstacks, and all together are a cluster which can maintained as one big cloud.
  2. I cant add ressources which aren’t discoverable hardware…

That’s maybe a problem because that means I have to setup many threefold VMs to make a big cluster, and each TF-VM is limited to 32 Cores, 256GB RAM, 10tb SSD. So that would lead to hundreds of VM’s depending on the scale of the project. And if a customer wants more than 10TB SSD i need to fire up 2 OpenStack instances.

A side question: Is this limit TF globally? So also Terraform created compute power?

My first intention was to have more than 128 cores and 1tb ram with one OpenStack instance.

On the other hand since we support Terraform we can automatically pop up new preconfigured OpenStack instances as we need it, fully automated.

So maybe OpenStack is still a big thing for threefold?

I keep testing, diving and digesting, next I want to make a cluster and fire it up via Terraform.

Hi, I would not spend too much time on this. In the early days, Kristof and team were part of the OpenStack project. Over time it became a very complex monster of a setup, with way too much overhead and complexity to be useful. IT needs simplification, not complexity.

They abanded supporting the project as there was a clear intent not to achieve higher levels of efficiency and simplicity. Also - having said that - it’s also meant to run on bare metal, to run it in large VM’s adds another layer of overhead. Your choice obviously, but this is my thinking. :muscle:

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Thanks for your Infos. Didn’t know that Kristof were also in this project.

I think i know what you mean. Its really big and maybe to much. Just the minimal dev installation took 20mins to run thru. And yeah its made for bare metal…

maybe youre right, but i will discover it a bit but not with that much effort as i first thought.

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