HP EC200a Setup - help

Hey all. Silly me I thought I’d try to make my own farm and I’m having issues. Go figure.

Purchased the following:

HP EC200a Mini-Server - open box via ebay
2x 32GB PC4-17000 ECC LRDIMM DDR4 2133MHz - “Clean Pulls. Tested” via ebay
1x Samsung 870 QVO 4TB SSD MZ-77Q4T0 2.5" - brand new

Used a VGA-to-HDMI cord to connect the server to my TV, plugged in a usb keyboard, plugged in the USB card/w my farmer information. Turned on the power and all I got was a black television screen and a red blinking heartbeat on the front of the mini-server.

Suggestions for problem solving?

Hey @dmc23091985

Try this, remove one of the memory module and see if it will boot up. If it doesn’t try swapping the memory module with the one removed, If it still wouldn’t boot, check online for the motherboard manual for troubleshooting suggestions.

Hope this helps :raised_hands:

Good idea!

Gave it a go and still getting an blinking light of death. Going to return the HP EC200a unit itself and get another one. Hopefully that works.

From what I can see, the EC200a does not support LRDIMM.

Compare the ML110, which lists LRDIMM in addition to UDIMM and RDIMM, with the EC200a which only shows UDIMM and RDIMM

Confirmed by this forum post too

Live and learn on my part. Appreciate the feedback, Scott. I didn’t catch your response before sending back the unit to get a refund.

Looks like I need to start searching for something that will accept LRDIMM.