How we present ourselves for V4

Warning, I’m blunt here, but honest.

I’ve long felt our messaging does more to confuse than excite. We are an extremely technical project but dumb down how we present ourselves. I really think we tried really hard to make the grid simpler then what is. This varies from complexly obscuring the tech altogether and replacing it with feelings and ideas, to renaming known technologies with our own lingo. Yes, I am aware TF markets to people in person with a lifestyle this may appeal to, and you should always present for your audience, so that’s fine. But when mass communicating online, no offense, but that technique is met with laughter.

We lose people who are not linux pros because we make it sound so simple, but lose the technical users because they get lost in the marketing terms mixed with language barriers. WHO IS OUR TARGET AUDIENCE THEN??!!

Under V4 we have a chance to start fresh and change this.

Now, I am not creative, but I will list a couple things that need different names, or just their actual name.

The “planetary” network has never been more then yggdrasil. But because we named it something else, no one from the yggdrasil community is aware that the threefold grid represents around half of the yggdrasil global network. Thought, yggdrasil is such an aweful name maybe this was actually a good idea…

“z-net” which is wiregaurd. There are people who want Wireguard vpn endpoints, and literally every single workload is one by default. How many workloads could we attract if it was well documented that I can throw up a wiregaurd network with any node in one of 65 countries at the push of a button. Please discontinue z-net, we know what wireguard is.

“New Internet” has been pretty heavily critized in the V4 chat. At least create an explanation of what this means useing normal tech lingo for the advanced used who wish for that. This should be readily assesible where it is mentioned.

Any other terms that come to light that we need to ditch or rename?

Note, this post plagiarizes heavily from Drew.


Thanks Nelson for your two posts. Great insights. I did see some related points with Drew, so good for you to mention that you just stole all his ideas! (joke)

In short, Thanks @FLnelson and @ParkerS for those insights.

One other term to discuss: 3node.

What is a 3node? Not saying we should replace it, but I try to add “server” when talking about a 3node: 3node server, it’s hard not to have an idea of what it is.

Same with New Internet, could we still use this and have a go-to sentence that explains it?

For example: the New Internet, decentralized servers around the world.

What about the New Internet, Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure. Just shooting ideas.

In short, can we have the two kind of language: mixing technical terms with the more accessible/imagery terms.

Let’s get this going. What do you guys think? Give us your feedback.


Agree with both post here, I also believe all the terms should be simpllified to be more accessible and understandable to people what the project is about. I see the term “layer zero for a decentralized world” on the website but I’m pretty sure people do not know what this really means. I dont think I know what it means either :grinning: I mean this can be used to describe the details of TF and it’s design but I think all these terms should be simplified to terms what ThreeFold really provides and why it is needed and there are so many reason why just to put in a more presentable way and put all the tech terms in uder a different section.

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