How to think and talk about the ThreeFold Grid – positioning and utilization

Will add to this, but it’s a strong start. And good for all of us to understand. Feel free to offer feedback, ask questions, etc.

The ThreeFold Grid, in its third generation, is the first decentralized Internet system in the world. The grid is an open-source, usable best-effort cloud of decentralized storage, compute, and network capacity. The technology is mind-blowing, and is unmatched.

There is no certified capacity yet (coming online soon) and there is no official support on the grid. We are a real-decentralized open-source movement where support happens by the community and a small support team of ThreeFold.

This approach is our chance to learn together (as a community) how to build a global, community-driven, decentralized cloud usable for many workloads. ThreeFold relies on the community to test features and develop solutions on top of the grid, improve manuals, make tutorials. Ideally we would have some budget to give more grants as rewards.

Is the grid usable?

YES! It requires some technical knowledge, though. Get started with the ThreeFold manual.

Can you run production workloads on the grid?

YES – if you know what you are doing and know how to make your workload(s) redundant. So, experts only for now on production workloads.

Can you make workloads redundant on the grid?


What are the best workloads right now?

  • Test and dev workloads. Note: VMWare has become big on test and dev workloads.
  • Apps in Kubernetes, if you know what you are doing (how to configure, make redundant, etc) – this allows you today to deploy ± everything, and this can be for production (for Kubernetes experts)

Biggest shortcomings at this stage

  • Not enough public IP addresses
  • Need more nodes connected to high speed networks on multiple spots
  • No monitoring tools in place for certified capacity (apart from uptime), we need more
  • Need some more testing on quantum safe storage (it’s just too important)

If you can help with any of these, please let us know.

What do you believe will make it easier for developers to do more on the grid?

  • Ability for solution providers to make margin when deploying solutions on grid (coming in 3.7 or 3.8)
  • Well-documented JS and VLANG-based deployment scripts with full integration of blockchain and TF Grid and wizards. Almost as a toolbox for developers.
  • Chat-based DAO features with VLANG DSL integration (will explain more later, very exciting)

Timing for the last elements is difficult to say because of other priorities, but in months we might hope.

If you can help with any of these, please let us know.


Can you specify in what region you need more nodes. And also what is considered high speed.

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@kristof Can you clarify for @aruba?

Well, the majority of nodes, especially those with high speed connections, are in the US and Europe. Anywhere outside of those areas would be great. High speed is gigabit minimum, with multigig preferred where available.