How to spread the word and build a stronger ThreeFold Movement

At ThreeFold, we believe that we are not an organization, rather a group of people (including you) with big aims to help other people, and our planet. So if you’re reading this post, thank you!

Together we are stronger

Below, we are detailing the specs of a community toolkit, for you to help spread the word about ThreeFold. We can all agree that more people need to know about ThreeFold. And while we are working on scaling out through PR, partnerships, and more, it’s also essential for the community to be more active as well.

A strong community is key to a strong project.

We should be proud of our involvement and shout it to the world. Only together can we drive the project to where it deserves to be.

The Toolkit

The toolkit has different elements laid out below. Please provide feedback on the content. Let us know what’s good, not so good, and what might be missing. Or if you’d prefer a different presentation format (e.g. slides).

Note we are currently working out the details of a revamped community program, keep an eye out for that by the end of the month.


People are waking up to the problems of today’s Internet and Big Tech (e.g. Facebook Files) and moving to alternative platforms (e.g. Messenger → Whatsapp → Telegram → Signal), but this is just a bandaid, not a long-term solution.

This is only the beginning. The writing is on the wall. Look at Bitcoin / Crypto over the past 10 years. Maybe we’ve been ahead of our time, but not anymore. This is the era of Web3 and ThreeFold is far and away the best foundation out there for a new digital world.

ThreeFold has already created the technology, we’re years ahead of the industry. Now that the hard part is done, we need to make sure the world knows who we are and why we exist.

This is the People’s Internet. Built by people, for people. And we don’t just talk, we act.

So what are we looking to do?

  • Get more people to join our community, show strength in numbers
  • Get people to buy TFT to build momentum
  • Get people to buy or build 3Nodes to expand this new Internet
  • Turn community members into advocates (more on this to come)


  • Because, we, early members of this movement, believe in ThreeFold and believe the technology we built can change the world – and we want to see it grow
  • Because we, early members of this movement, want to see TFT rise to where it deserves to be (where so many projects out there have high prices but nothing to show)

Example Posts

Below are example posts for our most important platforms (Twitter and LinkedIn) and suggestions for how to get involved in conversations that might be happening elsewhere (e.g. Reddit, Telegram Groups, Discord).

Simply select some example posts and share them on your social media, or tweak them to your liking. Have some questions? We’re here to help you.

Below the example posts, we’ve also included some hashtag ideas and some of the best blogs and news items for sharing with new audiences.

Note: We can also include best practices for sharing content on the platforms, if that would be helpful. Let us know!


Twitter is about short text (maximum 280 characters) and engaging visuals (images, GIFs, videos, etc).

Twitter Example 1: Engaging your audience with interactive content

Text Copy:

When I find out that there is a new Internet built by people instead of big tech.

#InternetRevolution #ThreeFold

GIF options:

Twitter Example 2: Focused on the blockchain audience

Text Copy:

Did you know that the majority of blockchains are still hosted on centralized cloud providers? This project called #ThreeFold can change that! #InternetRevolution

Twitter Example 3: Focused on People’s Internet & Farming

Text Copy:

Tired of being a product of #bigtech? Join a growing community that builds the #peoplesinternet.

:muscle: Take control of your data

:moneybag: Earn income for expanding the network

:earth_africa: Support a better future for humanity & our planet

#InternetRevolution #ThreeFold

Twitter Example 4: Relating ThreeFold to current world

Text Copy:

If you’re paying attention, #ThreeFold is inevitable. :hourglass:

10 years ago no one knew Bitcoin. Today it’s decentralizing the banking system.

:crystal_ball: In 10 years we’ll look back on how ThreeFold decentralized the Internet & Cloud.

The time to get $TFT is now:


LinkedIn provides people the opportunity to write long-form copy from one’s own perspectives. It is a place where people trust their networks and are looking for their opinions and thoughts.

LinkedIn Example 1: Relate some latest news and tell the story from your perspective

Read about the new IOS features and I’m scared about the future.

It seems that terms and conditions hide agreements to get more of our data.

Now we need to check all of our settings to protect our privacy.

It seems like we’re becoming products of the Internet. Or are we already?

Did you know that your data is worth between $1000 and $20,000 a year?

Did you know that 20 companies own the big majority of the Internet, and the value of your data?

Did you know that still half of the world has no internet access?

Did you know that the Internet consumes about 10% of global energy resources?

I came across this project called ThreeFold recently.

ThreeFold is building a new Internet that addresses all of the issues

It allows users to own 100% of their data with full access rights. Not even ThreeFold can access your data.

It is super decentralized and governed by people, not big tech. There’s already thousands of people connecting computers to their network.

It is super affordable, allowing more people to join the internet economy.

It is up-to 10x more energy efficient and apparently they want to offset their carbon 3x to make their internet regenerative.

Since I discovered ThreeFold, I realise that to change the world, we as people need to step up and take action.

Together we can make a change.

Together we can create a world that is fair, equal and sustainable.

Together we can take back control over the Internet.

Will you join the revolution?

Join ThreeFold, The People’s Internet

LinkedIn Example 2: Unfolding ThreeFold

I recently found this project.

They are building a new internet, by the people, for the people.

I feel there are so many projects today that it’s hard to be sure of which one to support, but I think this is the one.

Not only did they create impressive technology, but they can bring a positive impact in so many ways.

Think about it, what would you do without the Internet?

We depend on it in so many ways to access information, work, connect with our friends and so much more.

Today companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon dominate the internet and cloud.

All our data is stored in their massive data centers, and we don’t have any alternatives. It is sold to third parties, and we are being turned into products.

Until ThreeFold decided otherwise.

ThreeFold is a decentralized movement led by people who build a new internet based on fundamental principles.

  1. Privacy
  2. Open economy
  3. No intermediaries
  4. Sustainable
  5. Affordable

On their system users own 100% of their data, and no one else, not even ThreeFold can access it.

Anyone can join ThreeFold’s open system by connecting hardware at their home or office, and they earn income for it in the form of TFT, their digital currency.

On Threefold, there’s no intermediaries. So if I send you a message, no one can track our conversations. Only you and me, as it should be.

ThreeFold’s technology is super sustainable and can save up-to 90% energy on storing data as compared to the current Internet. And apparently they will offset their carbon emissions 3x to regenerate the planet.

By re-inventing the way the internet works and distributing the infrastructure to the edge (closer to users), ThreeFold is much more affordable than current alternatives.

If you believe a better Internet is needed, give them a follow and join the movement!

LinkedIn Example 3: Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

There has been a steep rise in cyber-attacks recently. It’s always in the headlines. Developments like the pandemic-related surge in video streaming and remote work as well as the increasing interconnectedness of our devices leads to a continuous and fast-paced growth of attack surfaces. The need for a secure IT ecosystem is obvious. I think ThreeFold is a great project that’s providing such an ecosystem. Security and privacy are deeply integrated into their technology, e.g. they built their own OS from scratch that apparently offers unparalleled levels of privacy and security.

With cybersecurity risks being the number one concern for most executives, it’s clear we need a new IT ecosystem that can ensure full privacy and security. ThreeFold seems to cover that. Their full stack cloud infrastructure includes many components that make it incredibly secure, e.g. they have a quantum-safe filesystem and a private overlay network with end-to-end encryption. What other projects do you know that seek to provide such a secure ecosystem?

In times of rising cyberthreats and security risks, I think it’s vital to look for a holistic solution that provides companies with a completely secure IT ecosystem. Seems like ThreeFold does just that. They’ve implemented many features to ensure their internet and cloud infrastructure are fully secure, like their own operating system Zero-OS or their Quantum-Safe Filesystem.

A lot of technological advances like IoT and AI have not only brought about many great opportunities but also contribute to a surge in serious cybersecurity threats. I’m looking for solutions that offer fully data security and privacy and came across ThreeFold. They’re building an entire internet and cloud infrastructure that is secure by design. Do you know any other projects providing secure IT solutions to such a broad scope?

LinkedIn Example 4: Cloud & Internet, Big Tech & Data Centers

I think it’s insane that 80% of our current internet and cloud capacity come from a few companies only. The fact that a few companies have such a monopolistic power is causing quite some problems, in my opinion. We’re really dependent on those few big tech companies and their vendor lock-in systems are making it difficult to just take your data and leave if you don’t like their conditions. This is why I’m currently looking into decentralized alternatives and came across ThreeFold after their recent partnership with ownCloud. ownCloud is kind of like a decentralized Dropbox and they’ve partnered with ThreeFold because ThreeFold offers a full stack cloud infrastructure that’s fully peer-to-peer. Are there any other projects in the space you’d recommend looking into?

I don’t like how much of today’s internet and cloud are depending on a handful of tech giants only and want to learn more about alternatives that give me full control over my data and are also very secure. So, I’ve been looking into some decentralized cloud projects like Akash but they still seem to also depend on big tech or at least centralized cloud providers, as their model is about preventing excess capacity from going to waste. The only fully decentralized project I came across is ThreeFold. They’re providing an entirely decentralized cloud infrastructure with compute, network and storage, and it seems like all kinds of workloads can be migrated to their infrastructure pretty seamlessly. Recommendations on what other projects could be a fit for me are much appreciated.

I think it’s time to get rid of the current data center model. It’s not really scalable and it’s consuming huge amounts of energy. Data centers are mainly set in the US, China or Europe, the rest of the world is largely connected by cables. Data centers also are an obvious target for cyber attacks and if one data center runs into trouble, there’s not much of a backup. The solution to the data center model, in my opinion, is a decentralized peer-to-peer model like ThreeFold. The project seems to have the largest distributed P2P infrastructure and offers a full stack cloud solution that’s apparently much more energy-efficient than traditional data centers.

Other (Telegram / Reddit / Discord groups)

Typically this will be about entering existing conversations, so the angle will depend on the topic of discussion. After big news stories that affect ThreeFold, the community should go to these channels and try to capitalize by entering those topic threads. Here are some examples for inspiration, but people should tell their own stories.

If Data Privacy:

I’m concerned about data privacy and I take steps on the Internet to do what I can. I use Brave, I’ve deleted Facebook, I’m using Signal. But it all still feels like it’s not enough, just a quick fix. Recently I found out about ThreeFold. What they’re doing is pretty hard to believe but it’s true, they’ve built a new Internet infrastructure that can change literally everything about our digital world…

If Big Tech:

Everything that’s come out about Facebook recently is really just the icing on the cake. I’m tired of trusting Big Tech. They don’t represent me, and they don’t care about me. I finally deleted Facebook. I’m ready to move on…

If Security:

It seems like every week, another big company is being hacked or some part of the Internet goes down. It seems like people are just accepting the cybersecurity issue as a fact of life when it really doesn’t have to be…


Hashtags can be incorporated into any post on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Ownable #Hashtags:

These are hashtags that are not yet being widely used and are not owned by any other project out there. There is opportunity for ThreeFold and our community to own these hashtags if we begin to use them at scale.

  • #InternetRevolution
  • #OurInternet
  • #ThreeFoldMovement
  • #IntoTheFold
  • #P2PCloud

Popular #Hashtags:

These are commonly-used hashtags that can be tapped into to try to gain more visibility with relevant audiences.

  • #Decentralization
  • #DeCloud
  • #P2P
  • #Peer2Peer
  • #Blockchain

How to Speak

If you’re creating your own content around ThreeFold, it’s most important to speak as yourself and with your own voice, but please keep these things in mind:

  • ThreeFold is positive
  • ThreeFold is bold but not overbearing
  • ThreeFold is kind and respectful
  • ThreeFold is empowering and inclusive

So of course please use your own tone of voice and your own personality, but also try to make sure that these elements come across when you speak about ThreeFold.

Good Links for Sharing

Below are links to articles and posts that are good for sharing, based on different topics (e.g. key partners, how the IT system is failing, how we can support blockchain, etc). These are some of the best news items and blog posts for new audiences.

Recent High Profile Partnership & PoC

ownCloud is an open-source file sync, share, and content collaboration software with more than 200M users worldwide. We recently formed a partnership and will launch a pilot program together.

How ThreeFold is the Foundation Layer for Web2 & Web3

The ThreeFold Grid is the low-level substrate for a new digital world. These articles bring perspective on ThreeFold compared to other solutions out there and how ThreeFold can support any current and future IT workloads, across cloud, blockchain, and more.

Current IT is Failing, We Need a New System

Cybersecurity is a massive issue and is only getting worse as the world moves more and more online. Learn about the failures of the current system and how ThreeFold is fixing it.

Our Quest to Decentralize the Internet & Cloud

The Internet was envisioned and began as a free and open system but has become highly-centralized. See how ThreeFold is changing the game.

The ThreeFold Movement

ThreeFold is not just technology, we’re a movement of people around the globe. Learn about who we are and what we stand for.

It’s Time We Stand Up For Our Data

We should be able to trust that our data is truly safe and secure, and today we cannot. Enough is enough. See how ThreeFold protects your data.

The Story of a Rising Community Member

Scott Yeager found ThreeFold through an email newsletter, started contributing and giving feedback, and eventually made his way to the team. Hear about his journey and learn how you can do the same thing.

Building a New Internet From the Ground Up

In this approachable series, we dive into what it takes to build a new Internet from scratch. It’s not an easy task but luckily we’ve done the work already! :slight_smile:

Building Peer-to-Peer Solutions

This interview is a fun look into the technical hurdles and motivations for developing private, decentralized, and open-source alternatives to popular products from major corporations.

Art & Culture in VR, Coming to the ThreeFold Grid

Learn about Artheon, an impressive virtual reality art and culture museum and ThreeFold partner with big ambitions to create the world’s largest open art database, for the people.

Feedback TIme!

So, what do you think? Would this help you in spreading the word about ThreeFold? What’s missing? Please leave your feedback below, or contact @samtaggart on Telegram.