How to set-up your own 3Node

Following the Forum topic: Requirements to set-up your own 3Node, here are the steps to create your 3Node:

Step 1: Create your farm

You’ll need to create your farm and obtain a farmer id to use in the next steps. There are now two ways to setup a farm, and we recommend using the gofarmer tool that we’ll cover first. It is a desktop application that runs on Windows, MacOS, and Linux, requiring no TFT to use.

There’s also the second option of using a hosted 3Bot, which is a bit more complex and requires some TFT.

Using gofarmer

Visit this thread for instructions on how to use gofarmer. Make a note of your farm id and proceed to step 2.

Using a hosted 3Bot

You need to have (a small amount of) TFT to pay for your 3Bot.

  • You can buy TFT on Exchanges, Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), and Over-The-Counter (OTC). Find more information about buying options here
  • Transfer your TFT: After buying your TFT, please transfer the TFT to your ThreeFold Connect Wallet address.

Deploy your 3Bot using the hosted deployer. For more information on the 3Bot, please refer to our manual.

Now, you can install the “Manage Farm” package that will provide you with all you need to create and manage your farm. More information here.

Step 2: Check and prep disks

Before moving the next steps, we strongly recommend you first check your node’s disk configuration. A disk should have (1) No labels , (2) No partitions , (3) No filesystems for it to be picked by Zero-OS.

To erase a disk, please go here for more information.

Step 3: Download your bootstrap image

Once you have your farm ID, go to: Insert your Farm ID and download your bootloader image.

Step 4: Burn the Bootloader image to the USB stick

Once downloaded, burn it to the USB stick with the application of your choice.

  • For Linus/Unix we recomment ‘dd’
  • For other OSs we recomment ‘Balena Etcher’

Step 5: Boot your hardware

Put the USB stick in your device and set the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) to boot. Make sure that your 3Node is connected to the network and power.

Note: Basic Input Output System is where your hardware needs to boot.

Congratulation, you are now a Farmer!



Awsome! Thanks @alex24

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I am not seeing the option to click “Farm Management”. Where is this located?

Install the farm management application. To do so, click the Farm Management tab on the left side menu. Then click the Install now button


Once the package is installed, the page will reload and the Farm Management UI will appear.

I have set everything up. Im booting from the USB. It goes to the first zero-os interface, it downloads to 100%, then some cod starts coming on the screen then it just freezes, the screen is all screwed up.
What am I doing wrong.
Please help


Could you please post an image of what you’re seeing?

If it looks like this, everything is okay :slight_smile:


Here is a screen shot. I read somewhere that this has been an issue with people using AMD.

Okay, that doesn’t look right. If you’re on Github, please file a ticket with as much detail as possible:

If not, include the details here and I’ll make the ticket for you.

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Same here. Can someone please look into it.

hi. i have different kind of issue. i am for sure a beginner. theoretically i managed to get to the point when 3node is farming. it looks like on the screen.
but everywhere i see “0” and during setting up 3node to clean my disks i used windows command (clean) instead of using linux distro command given in tutorial. could it be a reason i see “0”?

in browser in looks like below:

Hi wasiek, seems you got it to work. Check the Units in the explorer view if they compare to you machine. But I think you’re solid! Welcome!

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To investigate this, we’ll need to know what kind of hardware you and @dcminer are using. Please provide as much detail as possible on the mainboard, processor, and additional graphics card if applicable. Thank you.

Theoretically yes. But it’s doing nothing for more than 1 day. Shouldn’t there be some activity?

Windows 10 64-bit
AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6-Core 3.79 GHz
16 GB Ram
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super

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Where can I check if it detects the storage space?

From 3botmain dashboard, I have this:


But I’ve only allocated 28GB of RAM not that huge amount. Also the Disk space is a bit high then I have setup (around 850GB), but I can assume that there is somehow compression.

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That 3Bot page shows total specs for the node your 3Bot is running on, rather than the node in your farm. Check under farm management in 3Bot, or locate your farm on the explorer for the correct view.

Also note, you won’t farm tokens using a VM.

Thanks. I just learned that there’s a solution for problematic AMD GPUs: use the following link to generate your boot image:

You’ll only see activity if someone chooses to deploy a workload to your node. Either way, you’ll still farm tokens.

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thanks. it is up 4-days. should it have farmed something by now?
is there a way to check a balance or something like that?

Why it wont farm tokens through a VM? Can you be more specific?

You’ll get an email at the beginning of next month with information regarding how many tokens your node has farmed.

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