How to send TFT from Main to Test?

Hi there,
We have some TFT farmed at mainnet but now we would like to use them on Test.
When I login at I only see the default TFT amount of 0.09797. When I login at main I see different amount for the same wallet.
Many thanx for your help.

Your main and testnet wallet are seperate. You will need to add tft to your test net deployment profile the same way you did your main net. This can be done with qr code under profile manager on play or the swap function on the dashboard.

You can withdraw funds from your main net deployment profile under swap on the main net dashboard.

I believe there is a transfer function on tfchain on the dashboard but I don’t have a pc that I can use to look exactly where it is.

Thanx I was able to make a swap to a Stellar address that I thought was mine but I don’t see the TFT in my Wallet. Do you know where to find this transaction on the stellar chain?

What wallet are you using? I don’t know of a way to to track outgoing bridge transactions but, do you have the address you sent funds to? The transfers are not always instant on tfchain, did you send them to ac wallet that requires a memo?

@gerard Please let me know if it’s still unclear. Today there are TFT’s on the Stellar network and the TFChain (forked substrate). For usage on mainnet / testnet you need to have different (private keys) wallets on the Stellar network, and you can use the same private key on the TF Chain but you have to announce/allow the wallet to operate on the main and testnet chain.

I think you highlighted the need to document/explain this better. Will do in the coming days.

Thanx Guys, It would really help to have more documentation on this and an overview of all the different wallets, Farms and chains. I am new to Threefold so this could be just me.
I went to testnet on the portal, I clicked on transfer and then I clicked on deposit to.

I have send the address in a pm to you @ParkerS.
After that I went to the mainnet and clicked on the name with TFT, clicked on swap/withdraw and then filled in the stellar address from testnet from this picture with my TFT amount. When I go back to my test account from the stellar address I see no change and on main the TFT is swapped. So I managed to do a swap but I don’t know where to :slight_smile:

So you actually swapped to the right address, But without a twin Id. This is a interface problem as it doesn’t offer you the ability to enter a twin id on the dashboard. reach out to the chat at and tell them"

“you sent a transaction to the bridge wallet without a twin id from your main net tfchain deployment wallet and it you did not receive the TFT back.”

I think what has happed is when a no memo transaction comes through it should return it, but its trying to return it to itself without a twin id. I think its stuck in a code loop essentially. I will open an issue about this.

Hi @ParkerS, I think that is the case. It doesn’t allow you to add the twin ID. I saw in the documentation that you need to add this to the demo field but there is no memo field in the dashboard interface. I’ll wait for support to follow up on the lost TFT.
BTW the transaction interface shows multiple steps where you need to fill in your password. It was not clear for me that I needed to type in the passwords for the different chains It would be nice if you could make this a bit more user friendly with a Progress bar kind of interface and more help text.

Do you mean when it requires your password to sign transactions?

yes I mean with signing transactions

Hello, swapping between Testnet and Mainnet is not possible at all at this time.

When you want to swap tokens from Testnet to Mainnet, please withdraw to your own stellar account first before depositing into any of the former networks.

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Hi @gerard,

I wrote this post on the different chains and wallets. It didn’t originally cover mainnet and testnet TF Chain, but that would be a good update!