How to resolve issue installing k8s?

How to install k8s from “Solutions” ?
This issue is got:
no pools available for resources: {‘cru’: 1, ‘mru’: 2, ‘sru’: 50, ‘ipv4u’: 0}. Use the refresh button on the upper right to restart Kubernetes creation
Although, there is pool default.

Your pool need to have resources enough for the requested resources 1 cru, 2 mru, 50 sru

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I think this could also be caused by trying to deploy a cluster using a pool for a farm with only a single node.

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I use default pool testnet into 3bot, how to resolve this issue? May be something recreate, etc…
White, please, steps.

I’ve just tested Kubernetes deployment from 3Bot on testnet and was successful.

Note that the default pool does not contain any SU capacity at start (3Bot doesn’t need it). So to deploy solutions like Kubernetes which require SU, you’ll have to extend the capacity pool:


Also, consider trying an eVDC instead. It’s a Kubernetes cluster with a front end interface for managing nodes and a marketplace of apps that run on top. See here for details and instructions.

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