How to effectively sell nodes capacity

How do I find uses for my capacity? I have seen nodes that are younger than mine and have some of their capacity reserved already.
Where/How can I find stats about current prices of nodes that actually manage to sell their capacity?


Hi Dan,
I have been a farmer for some time and as far as I am aware you have to find users for your capacity yourself.
ThreeFold are in discussions with various partners to bring workloads onto the TF Grid so hopefully the situation will change soon and we can start to sell our capacity.

I see…
So is there a platform where you could advertise the capacity?

All capacity is listed on the Capacity Explorer, although tbh I don’t know what the latest rules are for making your capacity available for sale. Things are always evolving so best if someone from TF reply with regards the current situation.

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Thanks for chiming in @colin

The sales channel rewards have not yet been implemented. Under the current system, farmers receive the majority of tokens paid for utilization, with a small portion kept by the foundation. That means finding someone to use your capacity is still beneficial.

For now, the biggest “advertisement” for a farmer’s capacity is just the amount of uptime they have reflected in the explorer. I hope we’ll see a more complete view of uptime (which isn’t simply reset when a node goes offline) as well as more features for farmers to promote their capacity, whether via the explorer or another platform.

Understandable that the ‘advertisement’ is the uptime, that is very intuitive. My point was that there are nodes that are much younger and already have some resources reserved.
So my conclusion was that this usage of resources comes from the combination of uptime and custom pricing, but I can’t find anywhere information about prices of other nodes.

I’m still wrapping my head around this environment, but is the capacity used only through the various ‘apps’ on 3bot?

There are other factors that could affect which farm/node someone chooses to deploy to, with the most relevant being geographical location.

Pricing could be making a difference, although as you’ve noticed it’s not very visible right now. To check, get the farmer id from the explorer (in parentheses next to the farm name), and plug it into the API here: Hit “Try it out”, paste in the farm id, then hit execute. You’ll get a read of all relevant info on that farm, including if it’s using custom pricing and what the rates are.

You are more or less correct that capacity is only used via the solutions shown in 3Bot. Actually, 3Bot is just a front end interface for the deployment facilities which are accessed directly through the js-sdk and Python code. The environment actually provides a framework for running basically any Linux application within a container or virtual machine. That means that the Grid supports the vast majority of what servers are being used for today, along with the most widely used tools for managing deployments.

Thats as clear as it could be, scott!
Thanks a lot!

Glad to hear it :slightly_smiling_face:

Btw, I was thinking…
Wouldn’t it be more beneficial for the network to put some more statistics into the explorer, like the average price per CU, SU, IPV4; the lowest prices, add functionality to sort by price, or by location. Imo it will liberalize a lot the capacity market, and the market will be more attractive for the capacity buyers, but also will incentivize a healthy competition between the capacity sellers. Besides liberalizing the market, I think that it could bring other benefits, like positive price action and increased adoption.

Probably ppl at TF already thought about this, but if not, here was some piece of my mind :slight_smile: .