How to Change or Rename Threefold Farm Name

Process for changing Threefold Farm Name

This needs to be done on a browser that you have the Polkadot extension installed on.

Step 1- Navigate here:

Step 2- Hover over “Developer” drop down, then select “Extrinsics”

Step 3- Select “tfgridmodule” from the extrinsic drop down selection

Step 4- Select “updateFarm(id, name, pricingPolicyId)” from the drop down on the right

Step 5- Input your Farm ID in the first box (id: u32), and the new name you want your farm to be named in the second box (name: Bytes). Leave the third box (pricingPolicyId: 32) as “0”.

Step 6- Change the “using the selected account” drop down to “DAKOTA (EXTENSION)”. The other accounts are test accounts and will not work to update your Farm Name with.

Step 7- Select “Submit Transaction” in the lower right, then select “Sign and Submit” in the popup

Step 8- You should get a popup notification from the Polkadot extension, where you will need to input your password to sign the transaction

After the Farm Name is updated, you should see the updated name reflected in the portal as soon as the next block is produced (~6 seconds).


Amazing! Thanks and great work.

you have no idea how thankful i am for this information!


hi. I Just tried to rename my farm using the steps outlined, however, in Step 6 when changing from using the selected account drop down, I don’t see the option to select DAKOTA (EXTENSION) anymore. I do see the Development ones listed, but no DAKOTA. Is there another extension that I should be using?