How to Buy TFT on Interstellar


Part 1: Create an account on Or follow similar steps on interstellar wallet app.

  • Click Login/Signup.
  • Choose Your Language
  • Choose Your Preferred View: Light/Dark
  • Click through the 6 USPs of
  • Click Enter Account.

For Interstellar, all you need to do is set a password, as the wallet will be linked to your device instead of an email address.

  • Set your password, Confirm it, and accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Click Login: You now have your account

Part 2: Create a wallet and adding funds to your account.

  • Choose If you want to generate a random or custom wallet address (we are going for a random one in this case).

!DANGERZONE! You are now presented with your Secret Key. Please follow all steps and read the procedures carefully. Losing your key will most likely result in a loss of your funds. ThreeFold or Interstellar can’t help anyone restore accounts or the funds attached to them in any case!

  • Your account is now created and you will have to send funds (digital currencies that run on the Stellar Blockchain only) to one of the wallets attached to your account.
  • We have funded our wallet with $408 or 10.000 XLMs for this manual as you can see these are now shown in the account overview.


Part 3: Adding the TFT Asset to your account.

  • Click Add Token in your account overview
  • Choose All (Unverified) and search for TFT
  • You can also choose “Manual” and add the following data
Asset Code: TFT

The Asset is now added to your account, to trade the asset however you will have to create a trustline, you can do this by clicking on the “Trust Asset” Button.


When you have successfully created a trustline it will say success and the activity will show up in the right-hand column of the account page.


Part 4: Trading Digital Currencies for TFT

Now that the account is set up and funded and you have the TFT asset listed in your account with a trustline you can now start trading TFT.

  • Click Trading in the left sidebar
  • Then go to the most right tab to select the currency you would like to trade for TFTs (XLM in the case of the screenshot) and press go


  • You can now choose to fulfill a sell order from the order book, do a partial buy of an order, or create you own buy order by stating the amount of TFT you would like to buy and at what price.


  • You confirm the transaction and will get a success message when it has gone through, plus a little bell will also ring.
  • You now have TFTs in your wallet