How to access CLI for a Playground Caprover instance


I have successfully installed Caprover and went to go get Mastodon added when I encountered this instruction:

Before you proceed keep a note of the following.

After you deploy mastodon and created your fist user in the browser, you will need to use the command line to give your newly created account admin privileges.

Step 1: From your terminal run the following command.
docker exec -it $(docker ps --filter name=‘srv-captain–{appname}.1’ -q) /bin/bash

Step 2: Now that you are inside your mastodon container: run the following command assuming your username is alice:
“RAILS_ENV=production bin/tootctl accounts modify alice --role admin”

Step 3: Now we have to give our persistent directory the correct user rights
From your terminal run the following assuming your app name is mastodon
chown -R 991:991 /var/lib/docker/volumes/captain–{appname}-system

I can’t seem to find a CLI within the Caprover interface. Is this a situation where I really should install Caprover into a full VM instead of using the Playground Caprover deployment?

Is this a situation where I really should install Caprover into a full VM instead of using the Playground Caprover deployment?

This is a good question.

What works, and that I know of, is to use the Ubuntu 20.04 VM on the Playground, and to follow the instructions from @ParkerS in the post How to Deploy Mastadon on the Threefold Grid Today!

One nice thing is that you then have Ubuntu 20.04 running and all the guides online for Ubuntu 20.04 should work well.

You can’t ssh into the deployment?

Thanks for the tip! Yeah, I think I may end up doing that since the how-to is so well laid out and I mostly have no idea what I’m doing.

I don’t know how to do that, but I do recall doing that with a previous step-by-step I was following, so maybe I can go back and find that instruction and use it here.

For SSH:

@ParkerS did a nice tutorial here for putty also one for WLS. Nelson also did a video covering SSH.

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This really helped me. I had followed the Nelson video before, so all the SSH stuff was still functional. I hadn’t realized that it would work for all my deployments.

I am at this final step of confirming my account via email, and just can’t seem to find the proper combination of settings to make email work. Making matters worse, I can’t seem to access the Mastodon error logs, so I’m flying blind. I’ve tried “docker logs mastodon”, “docker logs srv-captain–mastodon” and several other permutations of what the official documentation suggests. Any advice?

Good to know that it helped.

@caesar, are you using the Caprover’s Playground to set up Mastodon or you chose Parkers’ method?

@ParkerS, any idea on the Mastodon issue here?

I’m using Caprover’s Playground

How have you setup your smtp server?

I’ll send you the details in a PM.