How is ThreeFold different from Akash and HoloChain?

Last night, Tactical Investing presented the Farming model of ThreeFold. Throughout his presentation, he compared ThreeFold to Akash and Holochain.

Here’s some information on how ThreeFold compares to Akash and Holochain.

  1. ThreeFold created a whole new Internet infrastructure

ThreeFold started from scratch and created a new Internet infrastructure from the ground-up, created a super lightweight and stateless operating system - Zero-OS, a Smart Contract for IT, and a secure overlay Peer-to-Peer Network - providing a complete alternative to the current Internet and Cloud.

Link to Zero-OS.
Link to Smart Contract for IT.
Link to Peer-to-Peer Network.

Second, ThreeFold has a lot more cloud capacity than Akash and HoloChain, see our explorer.

All the technology from the OS to the user is all ThreeFold open-source technology.

  1. ThreeFold is building a Peer-to-Peer Cloud - both Storage & Compute

ThreeFold built to be a full-blown autonomous decentralized cloud and has developed the first Smart Contract for IT, allowing developers to build any kind of Web2, and Web3 applications, using a complete product suite: The SDK, The Marketplace, and The edge-VDC ( acting as the developer interfaces and the gateway to the Ocean of P2P cloud capacity that The ThreeFold grid offers). As of now, Akash and HoloChain do not provide these capabilities but we are to support both of them! we love what they do as we want to share values when it comes to decentralizing the internet and making it more inclusive for users and developers

Peer-to-Peer Storage (Testnet)

ThreeFold created the most powerful filesystem out there, saving 10x energy on the OS level and compatible with 90%+ of the storage tools and protocols - S3, IPFS, etc. ThreeFold’s storage solution also provides the best security and privacy features in the storage market.

Learn more about it here

Peer-to-Peer Compute (Testnet)

ThreeFold created the first Peer2Peer Kubernetes compatible cloud solution on the market. It provides the agility to create and deploy containers on the edge and allows for micro-services architectures with automation frameworks executed via Helm Scripts.


A marketplace of solutions was created to offer Docker containerization as well as monitoring tools such as Prometheus and Grafana for the Kubernetes clusters, amongst many more. You can also find many more peer-to-peer applications ready to be tested.

Learn more about it here.

Much more coming soon

ThreeFold is growing an extensive ecosystem to develop the best developer and end-user products and tools. With the launch of the ThreeFold Grid 3.0 update forecoming in H2 2021, many exciting partnerships and products will be announced throughout the year


Cool thank you @Benjelloun.Oussama for that piece you wrote! :slight_smile: :writing_hand: Usefuel as many have (had) that questions. :slight_smile:

I’ve been reading up on Akash lately, and as far as I can see, it is compatible with the Grid as a base layer. Akash providers need a Kubernetes cluster, and Zero OS is the most secure and low maintenance way to deploy one on bare metal. They seem to be more advanced in terms of already having a decentralized blockchain based deployment system. So, the projects may actually be rather complementary.

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